Kaatscast: the Catskills Podcast


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Interesting, informative and kind

Great podcast! Each episode surprises me and I love learning about our beautiful Catskills through the creative lens of Brett and his team. I especially love the Wiltwyck Rural Cemetary episode.

Terrific local info and entertainment for the Catskills.

I don't live in the region but know the Catskills well. Love to hear whats happening there locally and for the entertainment value. Great Podcast!

Great podcast

Look forward to each episode.


This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love the Catskills and enjoy listening to interviews with locals, from outdoor enthusiasts and artists to small town historians. Great production quality.


Great podcast! Very informative information regarding the surrounding HV area. Learned a lot about different types of people, businesses, and organizations here in the Hudson Valley.


I enjoy this podcast more and more with each episode. Brett captures the essence of the Catskills perfectly through the voices of those who walk and work the land.

Catskill Collectibles

Hi....this is wonderful. I’d love to be featured one day Tom Illari Catskill Collectibles.com

Great start

The destinations that you describe in your travelogue are so beautiful and so worthwhile to visit. I love the way you provide driving directions and even suggest parking locations making it easy to enjoy viewing and hiking the region.

Mountain Cloves Scenic byway

Delightfully informative with relevant inclusion of local history, culture, outdoor recreation and diverse interviews with local characters. Looking forward to driving the Palenville mountain road once again with new perspective and visiting the Thomas Cole museum.