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March 28, 2023

Radio Catskill 90.5 FM WJFF

Radio Catskill hit the airwaves in 1990 and operated out of a hydro-powered station in Jeffersonville. But when a building was recently offered in nearby Liberty, WJFF shed its 30-year skin and relocated to the now fully-reno...

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Jan. 3, 2023

Shea in the Catskills: Tarot, Art, Community

To start off the new year, we visited Shea in the Catskills , a tarot practitioner, artist, facilitator, organizer + contemplative, for a (deeper than perhaps expected) conversation on community, tarot, inspiration ... and so...

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Dec. 6, 2022

Kenny Bloodgood's Catskills Connection to a Famed Western Artist

Charles Shreyvogel was an Eastern artist who painted famous Western scenes. His favorite model was also decidedly non-Western. Greene County’s Kenny Bloodgood recounts tales of his great-uncle Grant and his unlikely appearanc...

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Sept. 27, 2022

Cidiot: the (other) Best Regional Podcast

If you've ever heard (or even ... uttered) the word "cidiot," to describe an urban transplant, likely that term wasn't used in a positive light. Podcast host Mat Zucker has been doing his best to rebrand the word in a …

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Sept. 13, 2022

Empire State Railway Museum: Catskills Rails Then and Now

In our last episode we took a ride on the old Ulster & Delaware rails with Rail Explorers , a pedal bike experience in Phoenicia, NY. This week, we're at the neighboring Empire State Railway Museum , at home in …

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Aug. 16, 2022

The Classical Concerts that Predate 1969's Woodstock: Inside the Mave…

Long before "THE" concert so closely associated with Woodstock, " Maverick Concerts " have been delighting fans of classical music for more than 100 years. We sat in the historic concert hall with music director Alexander Pla...

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March 20, 2022

Special: Pierogi for Ukraine

On March 19th, 2022, a Pierogi and Borscht fundraiser at the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Jewett, NY, brought in thousands of dollars for the people of Ukraine. We spent some time in the kitchen with organizer Switlana Breigl...

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March 1, 2022

The Mountain Eagle

This year, The Mountain Eagle celebrates 40 years of newspaper publishing, and a relaunch in 2017 brought expanded coverage to Schoharie, Delaware, Greene, and northern Ulster counties. Join us for a conversation with publish...

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Feb. 15, 2022

The Wilderness Diary: Mental Health and Art in Roxbury

Delaware County artist Jessica Farrell was inspired by her aunt's journal from the 1960s and '70s to create "The Wilderness Journal," a series of portraits of adolescents who would go on to struggle with mental health issues....

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Jan. 4, 2022

Ten Million for Tannersville: Talking with The Hunter Foundation

Tannersville, NY , is a small mountain village, with big aspirations. And now, with the help of a very large grant from New York State, it's preparing for a basket of revitalization projects that would surely put a smile on …

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Oct. 26, 2021

Reimagining a Classic Catskills Ghost Story

This week, we spoke with author Christine Wade about her retelling of a classic Catskills ghost story. In 1819 Washington Irving published his tale of Rip Van Winkle , who wanders off into the woods to escape his nagging wife...

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Aug. 17, 2021

Dowsing for Water with Bill Getz

Need water? Choose a random spot, drill, and drill some more, until you hit water. However, if you want to pinpoint the ideal location for clean, clear water, with minimal drilling, you might consider hiring a dowser like Bil...

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July 20, 2021

Arts and Culture along the CMSB

This week, we present an audio driving guide on arts and culture, produced a few years back, in association with the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway . Hear from artists, musicians, and farmers with tips on farms, galleries, m...

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March 2, 2021

Writers in the Mountains

This week, we're joined by 4 Catskills writers, teachers, and board members of Writers in the Mountains , a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the practice, appreciation and sharin...

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Dec. 22, 2020

The Nutcracker & Orpheum Dance

Each year, the Catskill Mountain Foundation's Orpheum Dance Program puts on a performance of The Nutcracker, directed by ballet pro Victoria Rinaldi. This year's pandemic brings this annual tradition online, using clips from ...

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